We’re Edward, Adam, Craig, Andrew and Nancy collectively known as Umami and we have a serious love for all thinks web and digital marketing. Being creative is what makes us happy!

Based in the North West of England, in the city of Liverpool, we design and develop websites, plan marketing strategies, write great copy, deliver marketing campaigns and build brands for our clients across a wide range of industries, such as hospitality, legal, retail, lifestyle and FMCG.

Our story

Our story begins in 2011 when Edward left his position as Head of Design for Nichols plc (owner of Vimto soft drinks) to set up as a freelance design and marketing consultant. Fast forward some ten years and the business is now a fully-fledged award-winning digital marketing agency with clients throughout Europe.

We assist our clients to increase their sales through the delivery of quality web site design and targeted digital marketing strategies.


If you’d like to collaborate on a project or learn more about our services, please get in touch.